Saturday, May 22, 2010

adakah benar??

untuk sesiapa yg baru melihat blog ini mungkin amat membantu...TQ:)

pagi nih aku bukak untuk cek my email..agak terkejut biler ada dua inbox from the same person exitedly nak tau pasal our fuel saver nih..nih petikan email tersebut...


Please tell me more about the fuel saver, i belive this will do very well in my country Ghana
west africa.


so ini reply dari saya yang bungoks2 english cuba sedaya upaya gakla:) ahahaha..tah tongggang langgang ape saya merapu nk explain pasal MPC nih..haish..haru2...:)

about the fuel saver..we called it MAX POWER CONTROLLER (MPC) actually this MPC is made up using a microchip inside the item...this microchip are created to let it detects what is not ok with your car..its start function when u plug this fuel saver into the cigarrette switch...MPC may start detect the problem occur in the car..the most problem is electric charge in the car are not separated accordingly..that is why it makes the aircond not so cold, no pick up while driving, the engine start to make noisy sound and these problem going to make the car consume more fuel...

after MPC supply enough electric charge to those item in the car such as...well burned the plug, aircond got enough supply, car in a good nice pick up...the fuel consumption start to reduce because no more burden had to bare by the car...

i dunno whether u can understand my english or not..but i hope...u do..:) if got anything u wanna make me clear out for u..just do not hesitate to let me know:)

p/s: here i attached together the picture of MPC..:)

saya x taula samada die btoi2 ke x btoi ke..saya reply jela...hehehe..kalo betul saya rasa nanti saya akan fwd dis case to my management leader..senang sket..saya nih kuli jek..kang tersalah explain kang...hilang potential nk berkembag nih di tangan saya..ahahaha:)

papepon doa dari kalian...saya ucapkan terima kasih..:P